Crush border,Open air




channel = 伝送路や周波数など、媒介となるもののこと
channel = A medium, such as a transmission line or frequency.

「Crush border, Open air」(境界を超え、新たな風を吹かす)ことをテーマに、社会と芸術の交差点として、あらゆる境界を繋げていくコレクティブ。異なる立場や声を媒介し領域を横断して活動することで、柔らかな対話の場を広げていく。プロジェクトごとに多様な領域で活躍するメンバーを巻き込み活動していく。2022年より、東京を拠点に始動。

Under the theme of “Crush border, Open air,” this collective connects all boundaries as the intersection of society and art. By mediating between different perspectives and voices, and working across disciplines, the collective expands the space for soft dialogue. The collective will be based in Tokyo from 2022.

在 “粉碎边界,开放空气 “的主题下,这个集体连接了所有的边界,成为社会和艺术的交叉点。 通过调解不同的立场和声音,以及跨学科的工作,它扩大了软对话的空间。 这个集体将从2022年起在东京办公。






Internationality” that carries out activities both domestically and internationally

Cross-disciplinary nature, crossing diverse artistic fields such as art, music, theater, film, and literature Initiatives are planned with the following characteristics


组织以 “跨学科特征 “为特征的活动,跨越不同的艺术领域,如艺术、音乐、戏剧、电影和文学。



What we do/活動内容







Based on the idea that art can transcend barriers of thought and language, and can connect people to people and people to society, we create a place where new insights are born by loosely connecting various boundaries and allowing people to engage in dialogue.

・Exhibitions, workshops, performances

・Project management (curation, management, coordination)

・Production of artworks

・Media management (publication, radio, web magazine)

・Platform (a place for exchange among people active in the arts)